Why E-Commerce Portals Need Image Editing

In today's digital age, people have started buying products from different E-commerce websites.
When we shop online, it is impossible to know the quality of the product that we intend to
purchase. Unlike the traditional way of shopping, we can physically see the product and feel the
product. The only way a consumer can judge the product is by looking at the product images
and the description. Therefore, the image quality needs to be perfect to attract paying
customers. Here are a few reasons why photo editing plays a vital role in e-commerce websites.

Increase In Sales

In an e-commerce website, the first thing the customer looks at is the image of the product. This
is the point where the customer either buys the product or moves on to another website.
Therefore, you have to make sure to catch the customer's attention by providing better quality
images. This is where image editing comes into play. Image editing techniques will help to
increase the quality of the image. Good quality images will attract more customers and help to
increase your sales.

Build A brand

Precise and reliable photos help to increase brand awareness. Some e-commerce websites
focus more on a specific style of photo editing. Photo editing techniques are used to give some
unique touches to the image, making the product look more attractive. This helps the customer
to recollect the image whenever they think about the product. At the same time, they feel
confident when they place an order.

Image Editing Techniques

There are plenty of image editing techniques that you can use. Here are some of the most
common techniques used to produce better quality images of the product.
● Color Correction: Color correction is the first step in editing images. With this technique,
it is possible to display the product with the actual color of the product.
● Image Cropping and Resizing: Every image needs to be cropped and resized accurately for web
according to e-commerce website guidelines to give best experience to the customers.
● Noise Reduction: It helps to remove dents, noise and gives a more unobstructed product view.
● Background Removal: A vague background can distract buyers from the product. Hence
you need a background that can focus the product better.
● Photo Retouching: It is an essential image editing technique. Photo retouching will take
the quality of the image to another level.


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